Our Approach

Purpose Ventures makes evergreen investments in steward-owned companies. We take no voting rights because we believe that autonomous, fully responsible entrepreneurs take the best decisions for their company. We do not exit our investments and have no fixed investment period because we want to support companies that do not turn into speculative goods. To us, a company is a group of people working for a purpose, not a good that can be bought and sold.

Purpose Ventures makes long-term investments in steward-owned companies. For us, steward-ownership is any form of ownership that makes a binding commitment to keep the company independent and mission driven. Purpose Entrepreneurs adhere to the following principles:


  1. Profits are means to an end and not an end in itself
  2. Ownership = Entrepreneurship, control rights can only be held by those who take responsibility within the company

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Ownership and personal responsibility are at the centre of our investment thesis. We support companies in various stages of their development and in a number of different sectors.


For entrepreneurs, Purpose Ventures offers freedom from investor interference and from the logic of shareholder-value maximisation. We offer the opportunity to raise capital without committing to a future exit, which often comes with mission-drift and a loss of control for entrepreneurs. We do not need to liquidate our investment via an exit or IPO and can stay with you for the long-term. We rely on dividends or interest payments to refinance our investments.


For investors, Purpose Ventures offers the opportunity to invest in impact-driven companies who have committed to innovative ownership models and a focus on purpose maximisation rather than profit maximisation. Purpose ventures is refinanced via dividend payments and offers a balanced portfolio with appropriate risk compensation.

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Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. We have a suite of products for publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration.

The Buffer Vision

Our vision at Buffer is to build the simplest and most powerful social media tool, and to set the bar for great customer support.

In addition to these product and service goals, we have a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces that exist, by rethinking a lot of traditional practices. Feel free to hop on over to our Open Blog to read more about how we approach work.

A commitment to culture and customers has helped Buffer grow from humble beginnings to now serving more than two million people every day. Our passion for support, happiness and quality flow through everything that we do.


We’re opening the doors to where art lives.

coGalleries is a new berlin art platform for social art experiences. These include visits to artist studios; art workshops and creative nites out. The ‚co‘ stands for: connect; collect; and collaborate. We are all about tapping into local art scenes in a social and engaging way. As a platform we grant access to a curated selection of professional artists in Berlin. At our core stand the art experiences that allow exclusive entry to the local berlin art scene and private views both for locals and visitors on a city-break. As a guest you benefit from a more intimate, richer behind-the-scenes experience of the berlin art scene than you would at a regular gallery or contemporary art museum. On our coGalleries website, we feature an overview of events and art experiences hosted in studios and in our Berlin-Mitte art gallery. We enable art explorers, art interested publics, curators and international art collectors to build direct relationships with leading and emerging berlin artists within an increasingly globalized art world.

Find out more: http://www.cogalleries.com/de/berlin-art-tours/


Coliga is a platform for communities like coworking spaces and art collectives to create and curate their own job marketplace.

Many communities have a great reputation for attracting and curating many talented individuals and companies, but rarely are able to translate that collective reputation into jobs for their members, or revenue they need to operate.

Coliga offers a new model to achieve both: we help communities become their own job collective and drive more jobs to members, while allowing the value of each job completed by a member to be split with the community and any other member that helped realise that opportunity.

Coliga is founded by an international team based in Berlin. Our core objective is to unlock the potential of self-organized work, and bring about a more cooperative and collaborative economy.


“We need to question the impact of our efforts and re-connect to values that got lost on the way. Decentralization will help us to find and keep our purpose.”

Jolocom re-thinks digital identity.

We offer companies the opportunity to use blockchain technologies combined with linked data. We designed a self-sovereign identity solution so customers can sign in with a single click, while keeping their data secure in their own data storage. Our smartwallet solution allows everybody to easily manage and share information with people and organizations they trust – with your data remaining yours.

We advise companies on the implementation of standard-based decentralized identity technology and help to understand and grow decentralized ecosystems. We also advise companies on compliance with data regulations like the the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

At Jolocom, we work hard to enable companies to collaborate rather than to compete. In a world where your data belongs to you and interested parties respectfully request permission to access part it your life will be richer in ways that were impossible before.

open collective
open collective

A NEW FORM OF ASSOCIATION, TRANSPARENT BY DESIGN – Open your finances to your community

While the Internet has been very good so far at helping people do things together, it is still very difficult for groups to collect money and use it transparently. As a result, we see initiatives, projects, movements popping up here and there that disappear quickly from lack of funding. Imagine how many wonderful things don’t happen in the world because funding – which is oxygen for most organizations – is difficult to sustain. Without an easy way to raise and spend money, it’s hard to manage and grow many of these seeds of an idea that could change the world.

Meetups, open source projects, parent associations, neighborhood associations, pet projects, clubs, unions, movements, non-profits, business incubators – in order to operate, all of them are forced to use a physical glass jar, ask a sponsor to directly pay their expenses or front the huge overhead of setting up and managing a corporation or a non-profit. It’s either inefficient and opaque or it’s overkill.

OpenCollective enables groups to quickly set up a collective, raise funds and manage them transparently.

We want all those seeds to have a chance to grow, to bring their ideas to life. We believe everyone should have the tools to create the organizations of tomorrow. And we are dedicating ourselves to making that happen!

Find out more: https://opencollective.com



The sharing economy brings about many benefits: the things we own are used more efficiently, we can connect with others in our community, and we get extra income while doing so. Unfortunately, in the recent years, we have also seen problems arise from the sharing economy.

We want to create a better sharing economy; one where society gets the benefits of this new economy while distributing the value (i.e. profits) more evenly, placing it back into the local communities. By making marketplace technology accessible for everyone, we offer people a choice: if they are not happy with the rules or policies of a particular platform, they can simply vote with their feet and create their own platform instead.

We are working towards a future with thousands of thriving local sharing economy platforms, owned by small and medium-size businesses, social enterprises, co-operatives, non-profits, and cities.


In November 2014, Sharetribe launched its first product, Sharetribe Go. It’s a software solution for building and running marketplace websites. With Go, anyone can create their own peer-to-peer platform in one day and manage it with ease, without technical skills. The business model is similar to that of the blogging and publishing software WordPress: the software is open source, but non-developers can use a Software-as-a-Service solution at Sharetribe.com.

Sharetribe Go is great for people who want to launch their Minimum Viable Platform quickly and with a small budget. However, the overwhelming feedback from our customers is that as their platforms gain traction, they need more flexibility to keep improving and growing. The “zero coding” approach taken by Sharetribe Go—the very thing that makes it so easy and fast to launch your initial marketplace—inevitably limits customers’ freedom to change and evolve their platforms. Not being able to freely iterate on the user experience of your marketplace and add features and integrations yourself also means that we mostly haven’t been able to help the bigger, more ambitious teams and organizations with their platform concepts.

All this is now changing. At the end of March, we introduced a product that we’ve been developing for over a year: Sharetribe Flex. By any standard, it’s the most advanced sharing economy software solution out there. Thanks to its API-first architecture, it offers the flexibility of a custom-built solution for the price and time-to-market of an off-the-shelf solution like Sharetribe Go.

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